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We understand that buying or selling your home or other property can be a new and even stressful experience. Our aim is to make your experience as smooth as it can be in the circumstances.

Our experienced conveyancing staff will keep you informed during each step of your transaction.

Identifying from the beginning of your experience with us:

  • what you can expect;
  • what we require from you;
  • the service we will provide for you; and
  • how we will ensure that your transaction will be completed on time.

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Getting started.

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Property transfers/conveyancing

Whether your buying a home, selling your home or transferring property between family members, we have the experience you need to ensure that your transfer is completed properly, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.



Residential homes include houses, apartments, townhouses, villa’s and units and each type of residential property has its own particular questions which need to be considered and addressed.

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Buying property

If you are buying property, we recommend that you contact us before you sign a contract.

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Selling property

If you are selling your home, then you will need a Contract of Sale and Vendor Statement.

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Commercial property

Commercial property includes, a shop, café, factory, warehouse, office building or suite in an office building. If you are buying or selling commercial property, please contact us.

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Electronic conveyancing

The transfer of your property is likely to be completed in PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), which is an e-Conveyancing platform to which lawyers, conveyancers, banks, the Land Titles Office… .

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The big picture.

A woman in front of a whiteboardYour transaction, whether you are buying or selling your property is important. Ultimately you want your transaction completed on time and on budget.

At Contour,  your transaction with us starts before you sign a contract to buy or sell your property. If you are buying, we want to see you before you sign your contract so we can discuss it with you and understand what your goals and requirements are to ensure that you achieve those objectives. If you are selling, we will tell you what information we need to properly prepare your Contract of Sale and Vendor Statement.

Importantly, we will tell you how much your transaction will cost so that you can properly budget for fees. Call us to get started.